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Why use Just Rolll With It?

Anti Aging

Derma rolling is one the best ways to reduce... well, everything! Your skin goes into fight mode and will fight off: fine lines from appearing, pigmentation from darkening, skin from loosening, that ouchy sunburn, acne scarring, stretch marks be gone! Much like micro needling in a salon setting, derma rolling achieves the same skin goals. It’s done in your own time, at your own pace, with your own control - and with an investment you own. The skins response to derma rolling is to go into regeneration mode, and will kick off a series of healing signals, such as producing more elastin and collagen. The result is plumper, healthier and firmer skin with a glow to match. Who would have thought pricking your skin with needles was good for you?! Roll us happy!

Recyclable Material

TWe are for sustainable beauty. We are committed to zero waste, with our 100% recycled and recyclable packaging. Using sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging means less carbon emissions, less crude oil used, and less energy used during the design and manufacturing process. In short, the use of recyclable, reusable and recycled materials imrpoves the life cycle of packaging, reducing waste everywhere.

Better absorption

Many scientific studies prove that derma rolling helps with product absorption. Skin needling penetrates the skin surface layer, and naturally your products will sink in deeper. You will feel the difference when you put on your serum or moisturiser almost immediately, and stretch your investments out that much farther.

Not sure which needle length to choose? Have a look at this helpful guide


⍆ Skin becomes thicker with greater than 400% in collagen deposition

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