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How To Use

How To Use:

Follow these 3 steps for your best dermarolled skin yet, and go from newbie to professional in a rolling flash!


Step 1:

Run your roller head under hot running (not boiling) water for about 5 seconds. Let it air dry for a minute or so. Then you'll need an alcohol based solution made up of 70% isopropyl alcohol or a specifically formulated skin safe sanitiser.

*We recommend Just Rolll With It Sanitiser spray spray.

Step 2:

Clean your face thoroughly, and if possible exfoliate your face 24 hours before you derma roll. If you don’t do it prior and don’t want to miss this step in your routine, it is advised you exfoliate 2-3 days after you dermaroll.

Step 3:

Start dermarolling your face, one section at a time (think cheeks, chin, forehead).

Roll over the area in medium length strokes 3-4 times, and move on to a new area.

The whole process can take just a few minutes, or for a deeper roll, aim for approximately 7 minutes for the entire face. Once your face is done, you can move on to your decolletage, and other parts of the body, including lips for plumpness.

To finish up: disinfect the roller head and handle and let it rest before packing it away in its' sealed casing. Proper storage and ensuring hygiene standards are kept high is critical to keeping your derma roller safe from bacteria build up.

Apply your skincare as needed. Continue to dermaroll your face and body until you achieve and see visible results - it can take up to a few months of rolling, but we promise it’s so worth it! 

Voila! Babe, you are ready, set and rolled to face the day. 


Need some inspo? Take a look at our gallery of before and afters 



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