1. What is a Derma Roller?

A dermaroller is a small handheld roller that is covered with teeny tiny (0.3mm - 1mm) proffessional grade titanium micro-needles. It is essentially a DIY anti-aging and skin regeneration tool meant to gently puncture the skin and induce your body's own natural collagen and elastin production. These 2 hormones are directly responsible for your skin's health, elasticity and youthfulness. The natural surge of these hormones induced by dermarolling is what allows your skin to start to repair itself from within.


 2. Does it Really Work?

Dermarolling really works! It has been clinically proven to deliver real results no matter your age or skin type. Numerous studies have shown that using a derma roller for as little as 10 minutes a week can improve your skins texture, repair fine lines and wrinkles, fade acne scars and tighten the skin. Dermarolling is also a very effective way to treat stretch marks, hyperpigmentation and melasma and has shown tremendous results in restoring hair loss. Finally, due to the micro channels created when derma rolling, it was proven to increase topical skincare product penetration by up to 80% - effectively doubling the impact of your creams and serums.


3. How Does it Work?

When your skin is gently punctured with medical grade sterile micro-needles, this creates a controlled and virtually painless skin injury. This prompts the skins healing process, leading to skin regeneration and to the production of anti-ageing proteins like collagen and elastin. Over the next 5 days, the collagen produced by the body is deposited in the area on treated skin. This helps the skin to become firmer and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, stretch marks, wrinkles and scars.


4. What are the Instant Benefits?

⁃ Ensures a radiant complexion and clear skin tone

- Removes dead skin cells

- Improves the effectiveness of serums and skin care products

- Opens up blocked pores of the sebaceous glands

- Reduces the size of pores

- Stimulates the skins own production of collagen

- Promotes blood circulation


5. What are the Long Term Benefits?

⁃ Reduced wrinkles, scars and stretch marks

⁃ Reduced acne scarring and skin discolouration

⁃ Improved signs of ageing

⁃ Increased skin thickness

⁃ Facial rejuvenation

⁃ Skin tightening

⁃ Hair regrowth


6. Which Areas Can Be Treated?

Derma Rolling can treat most areas of your skin: face, lips, neck, chest, scalp, hands, stomach, hips and thighs including many of the more sensitive areas such as under eyes, around and beneath the nose, along the back of the arms and more. Please note, different size needles are recommended for different areas. For example, lips - 0.3mm; wrinkles - 0.5mm, stretch marks on your hips - 1mm. For more info, take a look at this helpful guide. While it goes without saying, take extra care when using the derma roller near your eyes, your mouth and other sensitive areas ;)


8. Which Needle Length to Use?

0.3mm Derma Roller - Use to boost the absorption rate of creams, serums, and other topical products. Can be used to plump up lips and improve areas around the eyes.

0.5mm Derma Roller - For fine lines, mild wrinkles, scarring and sun damage. Improves mild to moderate scars, hyperpigmentation, hair loss, wrinkles and acne scars.

1mm Derma Roller - For moderate to deep acne scars, stretch marks, scarring, skin tightening after giving birth or weight loss, hyperpigmentation, hair loss and deeper wrinkles.

NOTE: If you are unsure, 0.5mm is the most versatile length providing you do not have overly sensitive skin.


9. Does Derma Rolling Hurt?

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when looking at a derma roller is - does it hurt..? And the answer is NO! Honestly. We pinky swear! The sensation of Derma Rolling is very similar to the feeling of a coarse body scrub (such as coffee scrub) being used on your face. You do feel a little something, but to call it painful would be a stretch. In fact, most people love it and  find it very relaxing - borderline addictive. Plus, JRWI Derma Roller needles are ultra fine - 0.3mm, 0.5mm and 1mm so it actually doesn’t pierce the skin deep enough to hurt - only enough to get collagen and elastin boosting results. Finally, you control the intensity and can roll as gentle as you like :) And whilst you may experience warm tingly sensation and some redness after, the results make it definitely worth it! 


10. How Long Will It Take Me to See Results?

Micro-needle therapy generally speaking is a long term, cumulative process, however, you will start noticing some improvements almost immediately. You will usually see significant improvements within 4 to 8 weeks.


11. Do I Have to Roll My Entire Face to See Results?

Not at all! In fact, you can save quite a bit of time by spot treating problematic areas. For example, acne scars don’t often cover the entire face but are usually found on the cheeks. Or if, for example, you wish to treat wrinkles on your forehead, you can simply focus your rolling efforts there and you’re done! There’s no need to roll the entire face unless you want to.


12. Can I Use a Derma Roller After Waxing?

Please do not use a derma roller of any size on recently tweezed, waxed or threaded areas. These areas are usually tender and derma rolling on sensitised skin can increase the chance of an unwanted reaction.


13.  Can I use a Derma Roller if I have Wrinkle Relaxers or Fillers?

Yes, but it is advisable to wait for 2 weeks after having the injections done.


14. How often Should I Replace My Derma Roller?

JRWI Derma Rollers are very high quality. With proper care and maintenance it will last around 15-20 treatments. For example, a 1mm roller used once a month, would last 15 months whereas a 0.5mm roller used once a week will last around 15 weeks. Think of it in the same terms as a precision razor, with continuous use the needles will eventually start to wear and require replacement.


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