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Roll Back the Clock in Just 4 weeks with Australia’s Leading Derma Roller

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A Perth-based 32 y.o. beauty entrepreneur Skai J. has launched her sell-out derma rolling tool Just Roll With It to huge international acclaim even making the pages of British Vogue 3 months in a row.

JRWI Derma Rollers are one of a kind worldwide, with a unique design and using top quality materials, they have been found to be far superior to other mass-produced derma rollers on the market.

Skai J. was living in Bali before the pandemic hit and noticed the trend of derma rolling across Asia. After moving back to Perth she came up with the idea to bring the tool to Australia after seeing its incredible results particularly for sun damage, scar reduction and anti-aging.

She discovered the powerful properties of the treatment after using it on her own sun damaged skin, seeing incredibly dramatic results - with fine lines disappearing in just 4 weeks. First results such as glow, radiance, visibly softer skin were actually visible after just a few Derma Rolling sessions!

“After living in Bali I had terrible sun damage on my chest and it only took a few weeks for it to dramatically disappear. I couldn’t believe it so started investigating what else this powerful tool could help with. From scar reduction, to even plumping up lips naturally, I could not believe the versatility of the tool and the impressive results everyone who tried it had.” Says Skai.

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Derma rolling is the name given to at home micro needling. And research has found it to be as effective as its salon counterpart. The handheld devices, featuring a roller with row upon row of tiny, ultra fine micro-needles, are much more cost effective and convenient than visiting your dermatologist. A 2008 study found that four micro-needling sessions resulted in up to a 400 percent rise in collagen and elastin to make your skin firmer.

And while salon treatments, can be expensive and painful - JRWI DERMA ROLLERS offer excellent value for money, one roller cost $60 dollars and last up to 15 sessions, less than $5 dollars a treatment where in comparison one micro needling treatment at a salon starts at $199 and can cost as much as $399 per session - and the results achieved are nearly identical.

From acne scars, to pigmentation to fine lines and wrinkles, the needles cause a low level of trauma to the outer layer of the skin. This prompts the skin’s healing process, leading to skin regeneration and to the production of anti-aging substances such as collagen and elastin.

“​​It’s a simple biological process. When you cut yourself, your skin heals itself. Similarly, when you dermaroll, you create virtually painless controlled micro punctures all over your skin. Not deep enough to hurt, but just enough to stimulate skin rejuvenation processes.” Says Skai.

Since launching JRWI Derma Rollers in January last year- Skai has seen each batch of her product completely sell out within days.

“From pregnant women who can’t have botox, to those stuck in lockdown- derma rolling is the most safe and effective way to defy the ageing process, help tackle cellulite and reduce the sign of stretch marks. There are so many uses for it and the results just speak for themselves.” Says Skai.

 According to Skai the main concern people have before using the tool is that it will be painful- but she says it feels similar to a body scrub.

 "It is super easy to use and virtually painless. The best part is it takes less than 10 min a week and the results are just so dramatic. Everyone who tries it becomes a convert.” 


About JRWI Derma Rollers

Based in Perth, WA, Just Roll With It  is the leading superior quality dermaroller for your skin. Just Roll With it proudly supports One Island- One Voice, to help clean up Bali’s oceans.

For every JRWI roller sold, $2 will be donated to this non profit organisation based in Bali - helping clean up the beaches, encouraging  recycling and preserving  beautiful Bali as we know it for future generations.


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