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Derma Rolling Explained: Everything You Need to Know in 2023

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Last couple of years took a toll on almost everyone. In the years we were forced to bunker down, our skin probably not only felt but also looked drab, after being stuck indoors for months on end. (Thanks covid 🙄)

It’s time to turn things around... 

Hello Dermarolling, and Hello Glowing Skin! 

So WHY is dermarolling unabashedly the hottest new DIY beauty tool that ticks all the right boxes?

Let’s start with the fact that it is possibly the most natural way to improve your overall skin health. Dermarolling is an amazing alternative to expensive beauty salon treatments such as lasers, chemical peels or  injectables  such as wrinkle relaxers or fillers.

Led by real scientific results - and clinically proven to work this is your best way to future proof your skin!

Here’s what you need to know about exactly how it can improve your skin and why you need to invest in this handheld gadget in 2023!

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It promotes collagen and elastin production for newer, brighter skin

Dermarolling stimulates your skin to form more collagen and elastin, pronto. By causing controlled micro-injuries on your skin, your body’s largest organ goes into recovery mode and promotes its innate and natural healing process. The result is a firmer, brighter, tighter appearance, effectively becoming a natural anti-ager and a pigmentation banisher.  This is a sustainable DIY treatment that only gets better each time you use it.


Your serums and moisturisers? Dermarolling will help those work more effectively

You read right. Think of your skin as a sponge cake with syrup. If you want the sweet syrupy goodness to move into the deeper layers of the cake, you need to create tiny holes for the syrup to make its way down and make your sponge cake super delicious and moist. Same with your skincare - dermarolling allows your product to be absorbed much deeper within the skin, as opposed to if you were to just apply it topically on the top skin layer.

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It doesn’t hurt - honestly!

This little guy is harmless. In fact, you completely control the intensity. And if you need a break, you can take one wherever you feel like it. Check out our guide to help you navigate the best needle length for your skin needs:

Imagine being in complete control of your skin health and improvement, not having to solely rely on skincare’s miracle promises?! Crazy right.


Results in weeks

Yep, weeks! With consistent and repeated use, correct sanitation, and storage, your best skin will shine through and feel almost brand new in under a season.

We recommend commencing on your derma rolling mission for a minimum of 3 months, and from there deciding the frequency and intensity. The JRWI dermaroller can be used on any area of the body that you feel may needs improving.

Check out some of the amazing BEFORE and AFTERS!

Mind blowing, right?

Have a look at our galleries for  more if you’re not yet convinced!


Easy to add to your daily and weekly skin care routines

With the JRWI dermaroller, you can work a rolling session into evening skincare schedule whenever is most convenient for you, before applying your skincare products.

Think couch, bed, desk - skincare’s newest bestie becomes a pocket-size saviour.  JRWI recommends dermarolling 2-3 times per week to start with. You can spend seconds or minutes on your area of concern, letting the teeny tiny needs do their thing.  After each micro-needling session, it is super important you sterilise your roller with isopropyl alcohol and keep it in a dry spot.



From packaging to product, every detail in Just Rolll With It is focused on helping your skin whilst preserving the planet. Your skin's health and the environment with less pollution is at the core of their business operations. Helping to rid the oceans of plastic waste is something they strive for too.

For every roller sold, $2 will be donated to Bali based ocean clean up fund!

One thing is for sure, this new skincare ‘trend’ is definitely here to stay. Are you ready to Rolll ?

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