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JRWI Derma Rollers have helped over 4000 women achieve healthy, youthful, glowing skin from home with 97.5% success rate


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Improve your Skin's Health, Tone & Elasticity in less than 10 min a Week. No expensive salon treatments needed. Guaranteed Results or your MONEY BACK!

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Not all Derma Rollers are created equal. Discover WHY our rollers are far superior to similar products on the market and why it can be dangerous to purchase cheap knock-off alternatives




Derma - Rolling a.k.a. DIY Microneedling is dermatologists' best kept secret when it comes to fast and affordable clinical grade skin rejuvenation from home.

Originally developed back in 1995 to treat scarring, it has recently gained tremendous popularity as a safe, relatively low cost skincare tool for treatment of multiple cosmetic and dermatological conditions.


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1. What is a Derma Roller?

A dermaroller is a small handheld roller that is covered with ultra fine professional grade titanium micro-needles. It is designed to safely and painlessly repair and rejuvenate your skin from home.

2. How Does It Work?

When the skin is punctured with medical grade titanium micro-needles, it creates a controlled and virtually painless skin "injury". This prompts the skins' healing process, leading to skin regeneration and to the production of anti-ageing substances like collagen and elastin. This helps the skin to become firmer and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, stretch marks, wrinkles and scars.

3. What Are The Instant Benefits?

⁃ Ensures a radiant complexion and clear skin tone

⁃ Removes dead skin cells

⁃ Improves the effectiveness of serums and skin care products

- Opens up blocked pores of the sebaceous glands

⁃ Reduces the size of pores 

- Stimulates the skins own production fo collagen 

⁃ Promotes blood circulation

4. Long Term Benefits?

⁃ Reduced wrinkles, scars & stretch marks
⁃ Reduced acne scarring and skin discolouration

⁃ Increased skin thickness and elasticity

⁃ Facial rejuvenation

⁃ Skin tightening

⁃ Hair regrowth when treating scalp/ brows/ beard

5. Does It Hurt?

JRWI Derma Roller needles are relatively short and ultra fine - 0.3mm, 0.5mm and 1mm so it actually doesn’t pierce the skin deep enough to hurt - only enough to get collagen and elastin boosting results. You might in some cases experience warmth and tingly sensation but it is very tolerable.

Ocean Friendly

We will be donating $2 from every Derma Roller sold to our friends at One Island - One Voice. A Bali based non-profit organisation dedicated to cleaning the beaches of Bali!

Cruelty Free

Furry friends are meant to be loved, cared for and protected. This is why Just Rolll With It Derma Rollers are not tested on animals, and never will be.

Safe & Sustainable

JRWI Derma Rollers are made using recyclable plastic and are comprised of the same materials used in most children’s toys, making them extremely safe to use. Think LEGO!

Derma Roller 101

Everything you need to know before getting started

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"Must have skincare tool"

"Revoliutionizing skincare"

"Surprisingly painless and easy to use"


Finding the perfect roller for your skin

Feeling confused? Worry not, we are here to help! We offer 3 size derma rollers - each size serves a different purpose and targets different skin concern.

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Omg absolutely in love!
Used this product for the first time last night, loving the way my skin is feeling and looking this morning! Such an easy and effective add on to your skincare routine!

Melissa G. verified buyer

I have all three and they really do make a difference!! The 0.5mm is the gem - I have really started to noticed a reduction in fine lines under my eyes and my skin just feels smoother!

Jessica U. verified buyer

I cannot express how much these rollers have changed my skin! I suffered from acne most of my life and was left with scars and redness and I’ve noticed they are fading away and my skin is so much more even too! I’ve had compliments that I’m glowing so it’s definitely working!

Tara R. verified buyer


Simple, painless, extremely effective. Achieve toned,tighter, glowing skin in less than 4 weeks!

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